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Data Allowance. The amount of data that can be sent or received from your wireless device per month without incurring additional charges as stated in your data package. Data Boost. Data Detail. Total data usage in kilobytes sent and received in a given month. Data Package. A set amount of data that can be sent or received from your wireless device per month for a set charge rather than a per-usage fee.

Data Sense. A feature on wireless devices that monitors your data usage. Use it to create limits and manage how much data you use each month. Data Session Call Waiting. A feature that has been added to all 1X-capable devices at Verizon Wireless.

It allows you to receive your incoming voice calls even while you're engaged in an active data session. This feature already exists on Verizon Wireless EVDO-capable devices, but now it also will be functional when the user of an EVDO-capable device is engaged in an active 1X data session outside of the EVDO coverage area. Data Usage. The amount of data sent or received from your wireless device in a month. The permanent termination of wireless service.

This is different from suspension of service, which is temporary. You may reactivate service within a certain period of time after a deactivation. Delphi Connect. A device that lets you monitor and locate your car, as well as troubleshoot its problems.

The Delphi Connect with 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot also provides in-vehicle Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 5 devices. Device ID. An identification number for your mobile device. MEID, ESN or IMEI can all be Device IDs, and your device may have more than one of them. A Device ID can be used to activate your device or deactivate it in the event that it's lost or stolen.

Refer to your device's User Guide for information on how to locate your Device ID. Device Installment Program. With this option, you can start using your tablet or camera right away with a lower upfront cost. Device Payments. Provides you the flexibility to get the most current devices early or if you prefer, pay over 36 months rather than paying for it all upfront.

You'll make a monthly payment until your device is paid off. Digital Zoom. A camera feature that makes the subject of the picture appear closer.

An app that turns your device into a personal media assistant with content discovery, sharing and universal remote control capability. Use Dijit to access program and movie guides from all cable and satellite providers in North America. DLNA Digital Living Network Alliance. A technology standard that enables easy sharing of music, photos and videos between devices over an existing network, such as from your phone to your computer via Wi-Fi.

Domestic Call. Any call made and received within the continental US. Domestic data roaming. When your mobile device connects to a non-Verizon Wireless network in the United States, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands. Domestic roaming is usually free. See also international data roaming. Domestic Landline. Any non-wireless phone number within the US.

Download speed. The speed of the connection when downloading data from the best available server to your device. Droid Command Center. A widget that gives you easy access to notifications for text messages, missed calls, battery level and weather. The Settings can also be quickly launched from this widget. Droid Zap. Also, anyone nearby with a device running Android 2. If you want to limit who sees your content, you can add a code. Use this app to share the latest memories with your friends and family without physically connecting or touching your devices.

Dropped Call. A phone call that disconnects unexpectedly when neither caller intended for it to end. DSL Digital Subscriber Line. A type of high-speed internet access that uses a telephone line to send and receive data. Dual Band. A feature on some mobile devices that allows the handset to operate using either the MHz cellular or the MHz PCS frequencies. Dual Shot.

A camera mode on select Samsung devices. It lets you use the front-facing and rear-facing cameras at the same time to capture 2 different perspectives. The picture taken with the front-facing camera will appear inside a box on top of the picture taken with the rear-facing camera. Dual View. A feature on select devices that lets you open and use 2 apps on 1 screen at the same time. Examples of e-waste include defective smartphones, broken phone chargers and old computer parts. A service known as Enhanced or E where emergency call takers have upgraded their equipment.

E automatically provides call takers with the mobile phone number, cell site and sector, and the estimated latitude and longitude location of the caller if the PSAP is capable of receiving it. Early Termination. Canceling a wireless contract before the contract term is completed. Early Termination Fee. Easy Clip. A feature on select Samsung devices that lets you use your S Pen to draw a shape around an object on your screen. Then you can save or share whatever is inside the shape you drew.

The 2. EDR Enhanced Data Rate. An option available with some Bluetooth® devices that provides a faster data rate and sometimes an improved battery life. eGift Card. Electronic gift card you can send from Verizon Messages to any US mobile phone number that can receive picture messages. eGift cards are billed to your Verizon account, and you can send them to devices on any US mobile carrier. Send eGift cards from a variety of retailers e.

An embedded SIM inside your device that stores data needed to connect to and use the Verizon network. ESN Electronic Serial Number. An identification number embedded by the manufacturer on a wireless communications device. It is automatically transmitted to the wireless network each time the device is used, which associates that phone with the subscriber's account and phone number.

Mobile Equipment Identifier MEID began replacing ESN in ESRB Entertainment Software Rating Board Ratings.

A rating system used to identify the minimum age for which an app or video game is appropriate. External Display. A secondary display on the outside of the device that enables such features as seeing the number and photo of the person calling before you answer the call. Face Recognition. A feature on some digital cameras and camera apps that seeks out and focuses in on people's faces. When this feature is used, the camera produces clearer and sharper images.

Family SharePlan®. A plan that allows up to 5 devices to share minutes and other services under one account. This plan is no longer available for new accounts.

Favorites Tray. Even if you have multiple Home screens, the Favorites Tray will display in the same location on each one. On most devices, the Favorites Tray can be customized to display your most used apps. FCC Federal Communications Commission.

The Government organization that regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. Options that you can add to lines on your account. Available features include cloud storage, international calling, Mobile Hotspot, equipment insurance, Caller ID Blocking and more.

You can add or change features quickly online in My Verizon. Feature Phone. Field Force Manager. A mobile resource management solution for your business. Use Field Force Manager to locate, monitor and communicate with your mobile field workers. Fingerprint Recognition. A convenient, secure way for your phone to identify you by your fingerprint.

If you choose to enable fingerprint recognition, you can use your fingerprint to unlock your device's Home screen as well as use your fingerprint in place of a password in many apps. See also Touch ID. A device or app designed to protect your computer, network, smartphone or other device from unauthorized access.

The core software on a device that controls how it operates. Flash Memory. Flip Phone. A device that has a screen and keypad all on one side of the phone with an additional thin flap that flips open and closed over the keypad. FM Radio. A feature on BlackBerry® devices that you can use to listen, browse and find your favorite FM radio stations. Front-Facing Camera. A camera on the front display side of the phone, allowing for two-way video chat and easy capturing of self-portraits.

Full HD. A mobile device feature that lets you record videos in the same resolution and aspect ratio as an HDTV. The actual resolution will vary by device e. Devices that have this feature also typically have a true HD screen that offers true natural colors and automatic color adjustments. GB Gigabyte. A unit of measure for data that equals 1, megabytes. Billion 1,,, bits per second. A feature that lets you add location information to images you take on your device. GHz Gigahertz.

A unit of frequency equal to one billion cycles per second hertz. An app that connects with your online Gmail account. You can use it to read your email on your mobile device, and you can also set it to notify you anytime a new email arrives. An app designed to keep track of life's important events in one place. It offers two-way synchronizing to your mobile device's built-in calendar. Plus, you can connect to a mobile version of the web app that's made for the small screen.

A web-based mapping service, featuring 3D maps, walking and biking directions, turn-by-turn navigation, local search and voice search. You can also use it to view current traffic, transit lines, bicycling paths and a satellite map. A feature on a mobile device that provides the information you need right when you want it. Set it up to automatically give you local weather in the morning, traffic information before you leave home, calendar appointments that are coming up and more.

Explore and select from a variety of free or paid apps to improve productivity, provide entertainment and customize your device.

You can also purchase music, movies and books from Google Play and access your content from anywhere using the cloud media player. An app that lets you access and message your Google Talk contacts from your mobile device.

that lets you connect your thoughts, links and photos with others. Gorilla® Glass. A thin, light and damage-resistant cover glass manufactured by Corning®. Its primary application is as a cover glass for the exterior of portable electronic devices with screens. GPS Global Positioning System. A global satellite-based system for determining precise locations on Earth.

Turning on GPS lets you use location-based apps, such as Google Maps, to reference maps, get directions, hear turn-by-turn navigation and more. GPU Graphics Processing Unit. A specialized microprocessor that provides enhanced graphics at a faster rate. Greeting Name. A nickname you can choose to be greeted with by signing in to My Verizon. Group Play. Several people can simultaneously view and interact with content such as documents, photos and music using Group Play.

GSM Global System for Mobile Communications. A digital wireless technology included in Verizon Wireless Global Ready mobile devices to use for placing calls and transmitting data while traveling abroad in certain areas. The Verizon Wireless network primarily uses CDMA technology for voice services, but GSM is used widely in Europe and other parts of the world.

See also CDMA and Global Phone. A way of using your device without physically holding it, such as making a call using voice commands and a Bluetooth® headset. Hard Key. A button that can be tapped or physically pressed and its function doesn't change.

Hard Reset Factory Reset. The process of returning a device to its original factory settings using the method outlined in your device's User Manual. A hard reset will remove all of the apps you've downloaded since you got the device and delete your app preferences, system settings and other data stored on the device. Your current OS version will remain the same after a hard reset, and no files will be deleted from any external storage i.

Only perform a hard reset if your device isn't working e. See also Soft Reset. HD Voice High-Definition Voice. A voice audio technology that gives phone calls a greater level of clarity and quality than traditional wireless audio. HD Voice uses a wider frequency range 50 Hz to 7 kHz to deliver a more natural-sounding voice quality.

HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface. A car navigation app that can be used in countries, even while offline. Just download the maps you need, and then you can use turn-by-turn navigation for directions anywhere on the downloaded maps.

Home Coverage Area. The 3. A method of syncing between a Palm® handheld device and a notebook, desktop or other computer. HVGA Half-size Video Graphics Array. ICE In Case of Emergency. Keys located on some devices that are programmed to dial emergency services, like the police and fire departments.

It is also common for people to add the acronym "ICE" to the beginning of a contact's name in their contact list to identify that person as someone to call in case of an emergency.

Ice Cream Sandwich ICS. The 4. A cloud service provided by Apple® that you can use to store photos, music, calendar events, contacts, documents and more. You can access your iCloud content from any iOS 5 and 6 device, Mac® computer or Windows® computer.

IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol. An internet protocol used to download messages from an email server to an email client through software on a PC or mobile device. It saves a copy of all emails on the server, even after they're downloaded to a device. This makes accessing your email slower than with POP, but allows you to access the same emails from multiple devices. IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity. In-Store Pick Up.

A service that lets you order equipment online at Verizon. com and pick it up in a participating Verizon Wireless store. Included Minutes. Minutes covered by your monthly plan allowance. Inductive Charging. Instant Messaging. A service enabling you to quickly send and receive messages via the internet. Internal Memory. The capacity available for storing photos, messages, music, apps and other media on a device.

International Data Roaming. If you're outside the US and don't have a plan for international cellular service on the device you're using, you're charged roaming or "pay as you go" rates when you call, text and use data e. See also domestic data roaming. International Long Distance. A feature allowing you to make calls from the US to many other countries using your mobile phone.

If you only call from the US to other countries occasionally, you can pay per minute. International Long Distance services are only for making calls to another country while in the US. International Messaging. A feature allowing you to send text and multimedia messages to select international locations from your mobile device while you're in the US and in the Verizon wireless coverage area. Internet Explorer®. A web browser created by Microsoft that lets you browse the web on a PC and on some Windows® Phones.

Internet Spam Blocking. com , domains www. com from messaging one or multiple mobile numbers on your account. The operating system used on Apple® devices. IPSec ESP. A type of network security used to ensure a safe connection and to protect your data.

IPsec ESP VPN ports are used by the Verizon Wireless Network Extender to make its connection to the internet. ISP Internet Service Provider. A company that provides access to the internet for individuals or business e. The Apple® app for organizing and playing digital music, videos, games, TV shows, audiobooks and more. Songs available through the iTunes Store are in AAC file format. A computer programming language from Sun Microsystems, noted for its portability across platforms and its use in providing functionality for websites.

Jelly Bean. Joint Photographic Experts Group JPEG is a standardized image compression mechanism designed for compressing either full-color or grayscale photographic images, often for use on the web.

JPG is "lossy," meaning that the decompressed image isn't of the same quality as the original image. Just Kids. Just Kids is no longer available to be added to your account.

This smartphone plan includes Smart Family Premium for parental control through trusted contacts, usage restrictions and location monitoring. KB Kilobyte. A unit of measure used for data equal to 1, bytes. Kbps Kilobits per second. A metric used to measure the speed of a data connection. One kilobit equals 1, bits. KBps Kilobytes per Second. One kilobyte equals 1, bytes. One byte equals eight bits. Key Fob.

A device often on a keychain or an app that lets you access a secure environment using built-in authentication. For example, key fobs are used to open and start keyless-entry vehicles instead of a standard key and keyhole.

Also, Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi uses a key fob to unlock your car with your mobile device, if your keys get locked inside. A free app that allows you to earn mobile data on your Verizon Wireless Prepaid Smartphone Plan. You can earn extra data with Kickbit by completing tasks such as watching videos, taking surveys, testing free trials and shopping for goods and services. You can then transfer your earned data to your Prepaid Smartphone Plan.

Kid's Corner. An app within Windows® 8 that launches a fully separate Start screen that parents can customize. You can include or exclude individual apps, games, music and videos to ensure kids only have access to the content you deem appropriate. A data measurement equal to 1, bits.

LAN Local Area Network. A computer network that spans a relatively small area. Most LANs are confined to a single building or group of buildings. However, one LAN can be connected to other LANs over any distance via telephone lines and radio waves. A system of LANs connected in this way is called a wide area network WAN. A phone system serviced by the local telephone company, such as a home or office phone.

A fixed connection that uses wires, not radio transmission. Landscape mode. The horizontal view or orientation on devices whose screens can be viewed both vertically and horizontally. LCD Liquid Crystal Display. A technology used in many of the displays for wireless devices and laptop computers. LED Light Emitting Diode. A small light found on many camera phones and used to illuminate objects in dim lighting for a better-captured image.

Lenses for Nokia. Lenses that change the camera view e. must be applied before taking a photo. LG Health. An app to set fitness goals and track your daily progress. Running, walking and cycling will automatically be tracked, but you can also track other activities, like hiking and inline skating. When finished with a workout, you can view its details and your route on a map. A government assistance program that can provide a discount on your monthly wireless service bill if you qualify.

A line of service on an account, identified by a mobile number. An indicator inside the case of most mobile devices that activates when it comes in direct contact with liquid.

It's designed not to be triggered by humidity and temperature changes that are within the product's environmental requirements described by the manufacturer. Locations of the indicator vary by device. Live Chat. A service available on certain verizon. com pages where you chat online with one of our Sales or Customer Service Representatives through instant message.

Live Chat is only accessible when a representative is available. Live Chat Representative. A Verizon expert who can help you with questions or concerns regarding your wireless service, mobile device or accessories through the Live Chat feature on verizon.

Location Based Services LBS. Services, such as Smartphone apps, that utilize your device's GPS to determine your location and provide content specific to where you are. Location Privacy Settings. Permission settings enabling an Account Owner to control whether apps have access to the locations of mobile devices on the account.

Lock Screen. The screen that appears when your device is locked. The Lock screen helps prevent you from accidentally using your device while it's in your pocket or bag. Depending on your device and settings, methods for unlocking a device can include password, gesture, facial recognition and more. Long Distance. Any call, text message or other connection made to a location outside your local calling area. LTE Long Term Evolution. A 4G high-speed wireless technology that handles everything including voice as data, similar to how the internet handles information.

LTE Home. Reliable home internet at an undeniable value. Powered by our award-winning 4G LTE network, and with no annual contracts or data caps and easy self setup. LTE Internet Installed formerly HomeFusion® Broadband.

A home internet service that delivers the speeds of our 4G LTE network to a broadband router. The LTE Internet router also provides a Wi-Fi signal giving internet access throughout the home. LTE Internet Long Term Evolution Internet. A service that lets you connect to the Verizon 4G LTE wireless network for internet access at home. Machine-to-Machine M2M. A technology that enables businesses to electronically connect enterprise applications with remote machines.

Machines pass data back and forth, interpret the data and take appropriate actions automatically. The system can alert a customer when a situation requiring human intervention arises. Magic Focus. A feature on select devices that lets you change the focus point in a photo after you've taken it.

Malicious software that's been developed to damage or destroy a device or steal information without permission. Manufacturer's defect. A performance or functionality issue with a device that is not caused by the owner. Manufacturer's defects do not include normal wear and tear or physical damage e. Master Reset. MB Megabyte. A unit of measure for data equal to 1, kilobytes. A metric used to measure the rate at which data is transferred.

One megabit equals 1 million bits. See also MBps. MBps Megabytes per Second. One megabyte equals 1 million bytes. MDN Mobile Directory Number.

Your digit phone number. The MDN for your device may also be called the MTN Mobile Telephone Number , wireless number, mobile number or telephone number. Media Hub. An app by Samsung offering thousands of movies and TV shows that you can buy or rent and watch instantly on your mobile device. Megapixel MP. A term describing the size or resolution of an image on a digital camera or camera phone. One megapixel equals 1 million pixels.

For example, a 5-megapixel camera can produce images with 5 million pixels. MEID Mobile Equipment Identifier. An ID number that is globally unique for every code division multiple access CDMA mobile device. The MEID identifies the device to the network and can be used to flag stolen or lost devices.

MEID began replacing Electronic Serial Number in Messaging Only Plan. A plan offering unlimited messaging and internet access with pay-per-use talk time. MHz Megahertz. A unit of frequency equal to one million cycles per second hertz. Micro SIM Card. The third and next incarnation of the SIM card, known as the micro SIM card or 3FF 3rd Form Factor , has dimensions of 15 mm x 12 mm.

MicroSD Card. A type of removable flash memory card designed specifically for mobile devices. It's similar to the SD and miniSD formats, but smaller. Microsoft® Location Services.

It also includes real-time navigation instructions and traffic information. Microsoft® Office Mobile. An app that lets you review, edit and save your Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files right on your device. Mini Diary. An app developed by Samsung that lets you write your diary on the go and capture moments anywhere. You can write short notes, add photos, record videos and include your location in diary entries.

MiniSD Card. A type of removable flash memory card used to store various types of files, including photos, videos, music and software. It is similar to the SD format, but smaller. Mirror Mode. A feature that allows you to connect your Smartphone to your high-definition TV, monitor or projector, so you can view and interact with your Smartphone on the big screen.

Show off your photos, videos and downloaded movies, or just enjoy the screen for gaming, surfing the web and more. MMS Multimedia Messaging Service. The type of message sent through multimedia messaging.

See also Multimedia Messaging. Mobile Broadband. A service that provides high-speed internet access for your data-only devices through our network. You can use Mobile Broadband to access the internet through a computer, laptop, tablet or any other compatible data-only device, including a USB modem or Verizon Jetpack® Mobile Hotspot. Mobile Broadband Plan. A plan that offers wireless internet access to your notebook, netbook, tablet or other mobile device using a PC card, ExpressCardTM, USB modem or MiFi® Mobile hotspot.

Can be either a standalone device or a feature or app on a phone, tablet or laptop that lets you share your Verizon mobile Broadband data connection via Wi-Fi. You can connect other devices to your hotspot e. The number of devices that can connect at one time varies based on device and connection speed.

Mobile to Mobile. Calls or text, picture and video messages to and from other Verizon wireless customers. Mobile Web. A wireless internet service that allows you to browse websites, personalize content, receive alerts and view personal organization tools from your basic phone.

Monthly Access Charge. The set monthly cost of your plan before additional monthly usage charges, taxes and Verizon surcharges. Monthly Access Plan Prepaid. Wireless service that's paid for before use and requires no long-term contract. Monthly Allowance. Monthly Recurring Charges. Charges billed to your account on a monthly basis.

An app that lets you stream data straight from your home or work computer to your smartphone. Data charges may apply in accordance with your data plan. Motorola Assist. An app formerly known as Smart Actions that automates features on your device based on your location, the time of day or other factors you set. With Assist, your device can automatically read text messages aloud while you're driving, silence incoming calls during scheduled meetings, mute your phone while you're sleeping and more.

This app is only available on certain Motorola devices. A common format of high-quality music and audio files. A family of standards for digital video. Most popular video formats are based on MPEG-2 and MPEG MTN Mobile Telephone Number. The MTN for your device may also be called the MDN Mobile Directory Number , wireless number, mobile number or telephone number. Multimedia Messaging. A service that allows you to send and receive group messages and messages that contain a combination of text, sounds, image, video through your mobile device also known as picture and video messaging.

See also MMS. A feature of a device OS that lets you have multiple apps, widgets and services running at the same time. You can have notes, videos and browser windows hover over other apps on your device. My Business Account.

An online portal for businesses with less than 1, employees, where you can manage account details, place orders and integrate with existing business systems. My Profile. The page in My Verizon where you can update your personal sign in, billing, payment, alert and privacy information. My Verizon. Online account access for checking monthly usage, making payments, updating information and managing your account. My Verizon app. Online account access for checking monthly usage, making payments, updating information and managing your account from your mobile device.

Nano SIM Card. The fourth generation design of the SIM Subscriber Identity Module card. Nationwide Rate and Coverage Area. A website and app that lets you stream high-quality, unlimited movies and TV episodes to your computer and wireless device. Network Extender. A Verizon device that extends your wireless connection to places indoors where outdoor wireless coverage doesn't reach. The Network Extender plugs into your existing high-speed internet connection to communicate with the Verizon network.

Network Programs. Web-based apps that use Verizon wireless network capabilities to perform certain tasks, such as locating your device or sending you information via text messaging. Page in My Verizon that allows you to manage your permission settings for each Network Program you have opted in to. Permission settings are specific to a program so you can set a different permission setting for each program. NFC Near Field Communication.

A wireless technology that transfers information between two compatible devices. Tap the devices together to share web addresses, contact info, apps, GPS locations and more.

NFC Near Field Communications SIM Card. A SIM Subscriber Identity Module card with a built-in NFC chip. NFL® Mobile. A mobile app that provides Verizon customers with exclusive access to watch live local and primetime NFL games and NFL Network on their smartphones. NFL Mobile also provides access to NFL RedZone exclusively for Verizon customers. Additional content includes: news, scores, schedules, stats and video on demand. Allowance minutes that can be used during the following times: Night Hours: M-F p.

Weekend Hours: a. See also Off-Peak. Also known as Conditional Call Forwarding, a feature that forwards your calls to another phone whenever your mobile phone is busy or remains unanswered after rings. No Service Area. An area where a cell site doesn't exist, so wireless service isn't available.

Add sketches, notes, photos and videos on the go. Number Portability. The ability to transfer your telephone number from one service provider to another.

Hours generally associated with evenings and weekends. OMAP Open Multimedia Applications Platform. A wireless processor developed by Texas Instruments and used in mobile devices.

A Verizon program that allows you to combine your Verizon mobile charges and your Verizon Communications landline charges into one monthly bill. Operating System OS. The primary software that controls the basic operation of a mobile device, and a platform to run additional software apps. OTA Over the Air. Other Charges and Credits. The section of your bill that includes charges for products and services and credits owing.

Over the Top OTT apps and services e. Overage Rate. The cost of usage minutes, text messages and data that exceeds your monthly allowances. Palm connected device. A connected device that uses Number Share - Mobile to give you all your texts, phone calls and notifications, even when you leave your primary phone behind.

It's about the size of a credit card and water resistant, so it's perfect for working out, hiking and enjoying other activities away from your home. Palm Phone. The version of Palm that works as your primary phone, instead of requiring a separate smartphone to connect to through Number Share - Mobile. PAN Personal Area Networking. An ad-hoc network formed between two or more Bluetooth®-enabled devices.

Paper-free billing. An option allowing you to stop receiving a paper bill in the mail. You'll still be able to view your monthly bill online in My Verizon. Payment Accounts. Payment Arrangement. When you need more time to pay your bill, making a payment arrangement helps you avoid service interruptions and collections activity. It's easy to make an arrangement in My Verizon online or in the My Verizon app. Payment History. Information about bill payments made over the past 12 months, including dates, methods and amounts.

PC Card. A wireless modem that you can use in a laptop or other wireless computing device to connect to the internet. PDF Portable Document Format.

A type of file that displays two-dimensional documents in a fixed-layout document format. Hours generally associated with weekday mornings to early evenings. See also Anytime Minutes. Peak speed. The speed of the fastest measurement session within the speed test. An app that helps you keep up with your favorite TV shows and discover new ones. It takes your personal preferences and suggests shows for you based on what you watch and like. Pending Order. You can initiate a pending order when you add or upgrade a device, change your features or plan, change a Device ID, suspend or reconnect a device and more.

If you have a pending order on your account, you may not be able to make other changes on your account until the pending order is completed. Per-MB Rate. The cost to send or receive one megabyte 1, kilobytes of data to or from your mobile device.

Per-Minute Rate. The cost of a minute of time spent in a call. A device that is smaller than a tablet but larger than a smartphone, and has many of the same functions of each.

Some phablets also include a stylus to use with the touchscreen e. See also Tablet. A way to steal information by posing as a legitimate company. Criminals attempt to con or mislead individuals into providing personal information in many ways, including by email, text message and scam phone calls that appear to be from a legitimate business.

Personal information that may be requested includes credit card information, account passwords, account information and other valuable information. Photo Editor. Along with basic image tuning, like brightness, contrast and color, it also provides a wide variety of effects that can be used for editing photos.

A website and app for managing and viewing photos. Upload camera phone media to your Photobucket account, browse and search media, and view and browse your online albums. Picture-in-Picture Video. A video feature on some devices that lets you multitask while playing a video. It lets you shrink the video down so it only requires a portion of your screen. You can then drag the video window and position it anywhere, so you can use the rest of your screen for other things, like browsing the web.

PIN Personal Identification Number. A numeric code used to protect your device and account from unauthorized users. Also, an optional 4- to 8-digit security code used to lock a SIM card in order to prevent unauthorized usage or access. The total time it takes data to get from your device, to the best available sever, and back. A Verizon Wireless coined term for picture messages or pics. The smallest element of an image.

Display and image resolution is calculated in pixels e. A higher number of pixels means better image quality. Polaris Office®. An app that allows you to open, create or edit documents on your device. IA IA architecture is enabled. IMA Integrity measurement architecture is enabled.

IPV6 IPv6 support is enabled. ISAPNP ISA PnP code is enabled. ISDN Appropriate ISDN support is enabled. JOY Appropriate joystick support is enabled. KGDB Kernel debugger support is enabled. KVM Kernel Virtual Machine support is enabled. LIBATA Libata driver is enabled LP Printer support is enabled. LOOP Loopback device support is enabled.

M68k M68k architecture is enabled. MDA MDA console support is enabled. MIPS MIPS architecture is enabled. MOUSE Appropriate mouse support is enabled. MSI Message Signaled Interrupts PCI. MTD MTD Memory Technology Device support is enabled. NET Appropriate network support is enabled. NUMA NUMA support is enabled. NFS Appropriate NFS support is enabled.

OSS OSS sound support is enabled. PARIDE The ParIDE parallel port IDE subsystem is enabled. PARISC The PA-RISC architecture is enabled. PCI PCI bus support is enabled. PCIE PCI Express support is enabled. PCMCIA The PCMCIA subsystem is enabled. PPC PowerPC architecture is enabled. PPT Parallel port support is enabled. RAM RAM disk support is enabled. RDT Intel Resource Director Technology. S S architecture is enabled. SCSI Appropriate SCSI support is enabled. SECURITY Different security models are enabled.

SELINUX SELinux support is enabled. APPARMOR AppArmor support is enabled. SERIAL Serial support is enabled. SH SuperH architecture is enabled. SMP The kernel is an SMP kernel.

SPARC Sparc architecture is enabled. SWSUSP Software suspend hibernation is enabled. SUSPEND System suspend states are enabled. TPM TPM drivers are enabled. TS Appropriate touchscreen support is enabled. UMS USB Mass Storage support is enabled. USB USB support is enabled.

For more information about the AXIS Camera Station features, go to Feature Guide. For more information about the AXIS Camera Station tutorial videos, go to AXIS Camera Station tutorial videos. Log in to AXIS Camera Station server. Configure recording and events. Configure connected services. Configure licenses. Configure security. Playback recordings.

AXIS Camera Station getting started guide for operators. AXIS Camera Station cheat sheet - review and export. Configure your network depending on your installation. See Network configuration. Configure your server ports if needed. See Server port configuration. Consider security issues. See Security considerations. Start AXIS Camera Station.

Add devices. Configure recording method. Export recordings. Play and verify recordings in AXIS File Player. Double-click the AXIS Camera Station client icon to start the AXIS Camera Station client.

When starting the client for the first time, it automatically attempts to log in to the AXIS Camera Station server installed on the same computer as the client. You can connect to multiple AXIS Camera Station servers in different ways. See Log in to AXIS Camera Station server. The first time you start your AXIS Camera Station, you are navigated to the Add devices page.

AXIS Camera Station automatically searches the network for connected devices and displays a list of devices found. See Add devices. Select the cameras to add from the list. If your camera is not listed, click Manual search.

Select Quick configuration or Site Designer configuration. Click Next. See Import Site Designer projects. Use the default settings and ensure the recording method is set to None. Click Install. Click a camera to navigate to the live view of that camera.

A blue dot after the camera name shows that continuous recording is in progress. A red dot after the camera name shows that motion detection recording is in progress. Click to navigate from Live view to Recordings. A red line in the timeline shows that motion detection recording has been taken for that period. A blue line in the timeline shows that continuous recording is in progress.

In the timeline of the camera, use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out and drag the timeline to make the marker pointing at your desired position. To start playing the recording from the desired position, click. Click to display the selection markers. Click to open the Export tab. In the Export tab, you can do the following if desired. See Export recordings in User Manual. Click to add a note for the recording. Select Include Axis File Player , Include notes , and Add digital signature.

Select Use password and enter your password for the digital signature. Click OK. Go to the folder that you have specified for the exported recordings. In this example, the exported files include the recordings in the. asf format, the notes in the. txt format, and AXIS File Player. Click to show the notes added to the recordings. Digital signature is different from Signed video.

When AXIS Camera Station client, AXIS Camera Station server, and the connected network devices are installed on different networks, you might need to configure proxy or firewall settings before using AXIS Camera Station.

When the client and the server are separated by a proxy server, configure the client proxy settings. Change the client proxy settings. See Client proxy settings in User Manual. When network devices and the server are separated by a proxy server, configure the server proxy settings.

In the Proxy settings section, use the default System account internet option or select Use manual proxy settings. See General in AXIS Camera Station Service Control. For instructions how to configure the NAT or firewall, contact the network administrator. The ports HTTP , TCP , mobile communication , and mobile streaming are used on AXIS Camera Station server for communication between the server and the client.

If required, the ports can be changed from AXIS Camera Station Service Control. Install AXIS Camera Station server, cameras, video encoders, and auxiliary devices on a secure network separated from the office network. AXIS Camera Station client can be installed on a computer on another network, for example a network with Internet access.

Ensure all users have strong passwords. Using Windows Active Directory a high level of security can be implemented. AXIS Camera Station is a complete monitoring and recording system for small and midsize installations, such as retail shops, hotels, manufacturing sites and schools.

Optimized to take full advantage of Axis leading network cameras and video encoders, AXIS Camera Station combines easy installation and intuitive operation with powerful features for effective investigation and high definition identification.

AXIS Camera Station server: handles all communication with cameras, video encoders and auxiliary devices in the system. The number of cameras and encoders that each server can communicate with is limited by the total bandwidth available. AXIS Camera Station client: provides access to recordings, live video, logs and configuration.

The client can be installed on any computer enabling remote viewing and control from anywhere on the Internet or corporate network. AXIS mobile viewing app: provides access to recordings and live video on multiple systems. The app can be installed on Android and iOS devices, and enable remote viewing from other locations. It uses HTTPS to communicate with the AXIS Camera Station server.

Configure the mobile communication port and mobile streaming port as described in the Server settings section in General. For more information about how to use the app, see AXIS Camera Station Mobile App user manual. Through the AXIS Camera Station client, you can connect to a single server installed on the local computer or elsewhere on the network, or to multiple servers. When trying to connect to a server for the first time, the client checks the server certificate ID.

To ensure that you are connecting to the correct server, manually verify the certificate ID with the one displayed in AXIS Camera Station Service Control. See General. When trying to connect to a server, the client will be upgraded automatically if the client version is not the same as the server version.

When trying to connect to a server using Axis Secure Remote Access, the client can't be upgraded automatically. Double-click the AXIS Camera Station icon to start the AXIS Camera Station client. You can connect to AXIS Camera Station servers in the following ways:. To connect to the servers used in the previous session, select Last used servers. To connect to the server installed on the same computer as the client, select This computer.

Clear Log in as current user and click Log in. Select Other user and provide another username and password to log in with a different username and password. Select a server from the Remote server drop-down list or enter the IP or DNS address in the field. If the server is not listed, click to reload all the available remote servers. If the server is configured to accept clients on a different port than the default port number , enter the IP address followed by the port number, for example, Enter your MyAxis account credentials.

See Axis Secure Remote Access.

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